VIPAS Personnel Tracking System is a solution that makes it possible to observe the movements of personnel within the building or at a certain open space distance.

The personnel will be provided with RFID-labeled cards containing a chip that does not require batteries, which are defined as passive, which will be mandatory to carry with them. At the crossing points created, the cards will be read without the need to show a card, and the information on the date and time the person passed from the location will be recorded in the system.


  • At the created waypoints, it passes quickly without the need for operations such as showing cards or reading, and the entry and exit information is instantly recorded.
  • You can measure the productivity of your staff with man/hour based reports.
  • You can report the absence, leave and rest periods of your staff.
  • The system has a flexible structure that allows the creation of mobile and fixed reading points.
  • System; It is compatible with mobile devices with IPHONE, IPAD, Android 4.0 above and Windows operating system.

The VIPAS system is used to control or limit the passage of personnel at certain points.

Access permissions are defined at the doors created for people registered in the system, and warnings are given in case of unauthorized passages.

Thanks to this solution, it is possible to instantly access information such as the last location of a staff member, the frequency of their appearance in places where they need to enter or exit, and how much time they spend in designated locations.

A System that Prevents Labor Losses and Increases Efficiency!

Mobile Solution

VIPAS personnel tracking system is designed to enable you to receive instant information from your mobile devices whenever you want.

Sytem Integration

The system is designed to be integrated with other institutions and systems upon request.

Flexible Reporting System

Retrospective personnel, location and time-based inquiries can be reported.