Retail to speed up processes such as labeling, updating existing label information, etc. Teknopalas has developed the labeling software Titulus Celer with its R&D and technological opportunities.

Titulus Celer; It allows you to perform operations that normally take a long time, such as multiple printing, copying from existing barcode labels and updating prices, with a single touch. The program makes it possible to work in integration with your existing stock software, thanks to its ability to import and export data in excel format.

You can provide your different and special label designs with the label design interface provided with the system and automatically upload all your designs to your retail labeling system devices.

Retail Labeling System Software Features


Single Edition:

A new label is printed out containing the current price information of the label whose barcode is scanned.

Multiple Editions:

By entering the number of copies of the label, the barcode of which is read, a label containing the current price information is printed.

Manual Edition:

Without scanning the barcode, the barcode number of the label to be printed is entered or it is printed out by selecting it from the list.

Label Templates:

With the private label design application, different label designs can be designed and printed by your team as you wish.

Data Transfer:

It is possible to import and export data in Excel format as a result of integration with your existing stock software.

User-Friendly Single Interface:

A platform has been created that users can use comfortably.

Take a big and fast step in the retail industry with Titulus Celer!

Working Principle of Retail Labeling System

Current stock the current price list is exported from your program in excel format. The price list is imported via the Titulus Celer mobile terminal. Single or multiple label printing screen is displayed and the label is read with the help of the trigger on the mobile terminal and the new label is automatically printed.

Titulus Celer is successfully used in the labeling of brands such as Lacoste, Burberry, Gant within Eren Holding