The Purpose of RFID Technology System in Jewelry

In the jewelery industry, stock monitoring, control at entrances and exits, and safety of products are among the challenging business processes. We are aware that you are under intense stress during counting times and that you have to work overtime. We introduce you to a solution that will lighten your load and increase your speed in service.
Teknopalas offers you the opportunity to count effectively and provide product safety at affordable costs. With RFID Technology in Jewelry  RFID jewelry tags each have a unique ID. . RFID tags available in stores, RFID mobile handheld terminal, it is possible to count in minutes.


  • Easy Operation
  • Fair Price
  • Parametric Structure
  • Serial Reading
  • Integration with Barcode System

Benefits of RFID Technology System in Jewelry

• Store employees can perform counts without taking a break from their work, closing the store or working overtime.
• During the Count, the sales process continues without interruption.
• The stress that may occur during counting times will be left behind.
• Possible stock and case openings will be minimized.
• Store stock counts can be performed more frequently and a hundred times faster without touching the products.
• Missing products on the shelves will be detected immediately and necessary measures will be taken on time.
• It saves time.
• Counting is done with less personnel costs.