The Purpose of Smart Warehouse and Shipment Tracking System

The system saves labor and time in the process from the supply of materials to the shipment of products. Product movements in warehouses located in different locations are carried out from a single center. The products in the warehouse are counted within minutes. With the Smart Warehouse and Shipment Tracking System, in which each product has a unique electronic identity, the concept of “Difficult Counting and Control” disappears.

Marketing Module

• All correspondence and meetings with customers are gathered under one roof and an effective CRM structure can be established. • The price offers to be sent to the customers are designed according to the standards of the users on the system and can be sent to the customers via e-mail via the system. • Frequently used price offers are saved as drafts with ready-made offer templates. Thus, loss of time in preparing proposals is avoided. • Documents sent in correspondence with customers are recorded on the system. • Reminders for planned actions can be recorded for users or relevant persons.

Shipping & Order Tracking Module

• All the preparation, warehouse entry-exit processes from the receipt of the orders to the shipment of the company are monitored through the system. • Shipments predefined in the system,  It is carried out without error with the help of RF Gates. • All invoice and waybill transactions are tracked from a single system, thus preventing time loss in accounting transactions.

Accounting Modules

• All current data regarding customers and suppliers are kept on the system. • All invoice and waybill transactions can be tracked through a single system, thus minimizing the time spent on accounting transactions. • Payment plans are defined for the products sold and all payments are kept under control according to these plans. • Any number of currencies and tax rates can be defined, transactions are followed in different currencies and taxation rates. • Purchase and sale prices for each product are defined according to both suppliers and customers.

Maintenance Module

• Plans and assignments related to planned maintenance activities to be carried out within the company are followed. • For unscheduled transactions, definitions can be made on the system and the relevant personnel are assigned. • Various reports can be obtained for the personnel according to the completion status of the work, by filtering the transactions in a certain time interval.

Smart Warehouse and Shipment Tracking System Integration

The system offers the possibility of integration by working with another software provider and performing a special study for the users. This prevents re-entry of data and prevents time loss. The reports produced by the automation reach the users automatically. If the accounting software program owned by the customers has the import feature, it is possible to transfer data without the need for integration.

Debit Module

• All fixtures used as fixtures within the company are embezzled to the relevant employees. • Thanks to its flexible structure, special debit slips can be designed for institutions and printed out on the system. • All employees can log into the system with their own user name and password and see the embezzlements on themselves.

Technical Support Module

• Records of after-sales support services for all customers are kept, thus providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. • Work plans and routing processes related to the team can be followed on the system. • The created technical service forms are kept on the system, so data loss  is avoided. • Labor productivity has been made measurable by receiving reports on all the operations carried out by the team at regular intervals. • Contract types and subjects are created and recorded for all contracts and actions with customers.

File Management Module

• User manual, warranty certificate, contract, invoice, business plan, etc. Documents are kept on the system in all desired file formats.

Purchase Module

• Up to 5 categories can be created for each product, and a systematic structure is obtained in product classifications by defining sub-products. •All purchasing-related requests, processes, and responsible persons are controlled by a single system and allows the management reporting system. • All invoices and waybills related to purchasing transactions are kept in the system, when necessary, the data of the documents can be easily retrieved from the system by scanning and archived. •Returns in purchases are tracked through the system, thus avoiding possible confusion.

Smart Warehouse and Shipment Tracking System Product Tracking Module

• Information about all products registered in the warehouse (product name, code, barcode number, unit, dimensions, weights, all registered sub-warehouses, product purchase and sale prices) are collected in a single center. • Up to 5 categories can be created for each product, and a systematic structure is obtained in product classifications by defining sub-products. •Many images of products  can be added and documents such as invoice, user manual, warranty certificate are associated with the products. •Order levels are kept under control in order not to interrupt the business with the minimum stock levels created for the products.

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