Intelli Count RFID Purpose

Intelli Count RFID is an intelligent system that allows you to count on your own in the most effective way, with affordable costs, without tiring yourself, closing your business and disrupting your sales. Intelli Count only RFID printer, el terminal and RFID product chips, it is a system that you can integrate with your own system, which does not require much cost and long installation hours. It works in harmony and saves you the cost of printing extra barcodes.

After the writing process, your labels are attached directly to your products without any further processing. Labels have the same appearance as barcode system labels.

Intelli Count RFID Benefits

• Counting can be done with less personnel costs,
• Making store stock counts easier,
• Immediate detection of missing products on the shelves,
• Minimizing possible stock and cash openings,
• Obtaining required advanced stock reports quickly and accurately,
• Counting can be done at any time,
• Making sales without interruption during counting,
• Saving time,
• Optimum stock level,
quick count opportunity with the most affordable costs,
• Stress-free counting advantage,
• It enables counting without closing your business.


• Ready-to-wear stores and warehouses (women, men,
sports, underwear, socks, leather, denim, shoes, etc.)
• Food markets and warehouses
• Cosmetic stores and warehouses
• Stores and warehouses with floors
• Glassware stores and warehouses
• Technology markets and warehouses
• Construction markets and warehouses
• Home textile stores and warehouses
• Office, household products, furniture stores and warehouses
• Jewelry, accessory stores and warehouses
Logistics warehouses
• Pharmacies
• Automotive spare parts warehouses
• Industrial enterprises and their warehouses
• Gas station markets
• Manufacturers and store owners of all kinds of products with barcodes
Asset count and reporting

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