About Us

TEKNOPALAS Yüksek Teknoloji Sistemleri A.Ş. was established in 2005 to develop products and solutions on RFID/IOT technologies and has successfully implemented hundreds of projects in the country and abroad since its establishment.

One of Teknopalas’ secrets of success is that it primarily analyzes its customers’ specific needs and solutions, and offers the most appropriate solutions for this need with the technology it has developed. Teknopalas, which increases business efficiency, saves its customers, and provides more time and profit with the solutions it provides, also acts as a business partner that adopts the goals of its customers as its own.

Reflecting its experience and expertise meticulously to each of its projects, Teknopalas builds RFID systems, the technology of the future, today, creating a competitive advantage for the companies it serves and making a wider success platform possible with comprehensive manageability.





We Started Service in Our Own Building

Sizlere daha iyi hizmet verebilmek için öz sermayemiz ile yapımını tamamladığımız 13.000 metrekare kapalı alana sahip İstanbul Sancaktepe’deki merkez binamızda çalışmalarımızı sürdürmekteyiz.  


With an understanding of service that is aware of the need for constantly developing big steps in our shrinking world, it produces information and technology of a universal quality without getting tired; We are here to be a pioneer with original projects that we have developed with a contemporary management approach that is investigative, participatory, sharing, unique and aesthetic values.

Teknopalas, which started out with the principle of bringing, applying and supporting the latest technologies used by the world, which is developing and constantly renewing by being different from our competitors thanks to our R&D studies, strengthens its leading position in the Turkish industry with the philosophy of Total Quality Management and maximizes the expectations of social stakeholders. It is one of the two largest companies in our country in the RFID sector, and continues to work and seek solutions day by day in order to be the best in terms of product and service quality.  



Information Security Managemnt System

Our Information Security Policy

  • We will not share any information about the people and/or institutions we provide products and/or services to third parties,
  • Up-to-date firewalls will be created against attacks by malicious people who will try to access the information of these people and/or institutions without authorization,
  • Activities that may risk information security will be investigated, evaluated, measured and reported periodically,
  • We will endeavor to ensure that the information collected with the authorizations we receive from the public and/or private institutions we are responsible for is unconditionally accurate,
  • The accuracy and integrity of the information belonging to our company will be ensured,
  • We will not be the source of viruses and malicious software, and necessary measures will be taken to prevent such activities,
  • Applicable conditions regarding information security will be met,
  • Our information security management system will be continuously improved,
  • While carrying out our information security activities, we will continue our activities by planning what will be done, which resources will be obtained, who will be responsible, when it will be completed and how the results will be evaluated,
  • We undertake to comply with all legally determined and to be determined rules regarding information security.


On the one hand, while you sip your coffee, on the other hand, RFID & WE INVITE YOU TO OUR R&D Center to visit our DEMO AREAS, where you can observe our products and solutions for IOT Technology!