The Purpose of Navizard Mining Personnel Tracking System

Active tag placed on the personnel’s helmet with a metallic-fiber optic cable or wirelessly in order to ensure the health and safety of the personnel working underground. With , it is aimed to monitor and communicate via radio. Navizard Mining Personnel Tracking System provides an opportunity for the health and safety of workers in this line of business where the probability of an accident is high. aims to increase the security at the maximum level as possible.

In case of possible work accidents, instant information is provided to the authorized person. The system aims to increase job security.

Thus, it will be possible to minimize the damages that may arise as a result of time losses.

UHF RFID technology enables to increase operational efficiency by monitoring the work areas from the central system. In addition to preventing possible accidents in work areas, it provides important opportunities for the speed and effectiveness of search and rescue efforts in case of possible accidents.