The Purpose of Production Tracking Automation with RFID

The way to achieve success in today’s highly competitive conditions is to use technology effectively. Teknopalas Production Tracking Automation with RFID aims to save time and labor at every stage of production, and to eliminate or minimize manual errors.

The Advantages of Production Tracking Automation with RFID

• Error-Free Product Tracking • Full Control at Every Stage • Instant Multiple Counts • Minimum Manual Control • Current and Reliable Measurements • Efficient Quality Control Processes • Optimum Planning • 100% Customer Satisfaction in Deadlines

Product Tracking

With the RFID tags placed on the products, the products are followed without any confusion at every stage of production. The labels placed on the products arranged side by side are read without any manual intervention in production thanks to the wide reading areas of the readers.

Multiple Count

multiple and instant counting is possible with strong>fixed readers or mobile handheld terminal provided to personnel. Thus, the waste of time during the counting is eliminated.

Production Planning and Control

Information about each product; Thanks to the writable/readable dynamic structure of RFID tags, they are processed on the tags during the transition between units. Thus, there is no need for a separate workforce for quality control.

Full Control in Product Exchange with Sub-Industry

The entry of raw material or partially processed sub-industry products into the business can be tracked and counted as pieces, parcels, lots, pallets or containers, and their integration into the ERP system is done online in the digital environment.

Tracking of Out of Production Empty Crates and Pallets

The tracking of cases and pallets used in product shopping with suppliers is done with RFID tags. All information from the time of delivery to the customer to the time of return to the factory and the production process of the pallet can be easily followed.