Smart Cities with RFID





  • Smart Urbanism, the city expects an economical and higher quality of life. Cities need not only suitable for their environment but also suitable for a livable book. The basic words for this formation are economy, mobility, environment, people and life. Learn about the concept of ‘Smart Urbanism’ when all this concept starts from a word.


  • Thus; a more livable, useful, innovative, environmentally friendly and solution-oriented environment will be created.





Radio Frequency Identification Devices RFID & It can represent a prerequisite of IOT implementation. It will also enable to create follow-up and control projects thanks to the labeling experience carried out in various fields. Thanks to RFID tags, the components to be used can be easily identified and  A more effective use will be ensured by integrating it into the systems.


The virtualization of green spaces using RFID technology, sensors and mobile devices will lead to desktop use of urban green and will offer real-time navigation through these areas.

'Smart Urban Planning' Services from Teknopalas!


Application Fields


  • Traffic Signaling System
  • Public Vehicle Tracking System
  • Smart Waste Tracking System
  • Dynamic Tracking of City Fixtures
  • Smart Home Systems
  • Aged Care at Home
  • Safe Urbanism
  • Smart Hospitals
  • Hospital Asset Tracking
  • Ambulance Equipment Tracking
  • Blood Donation Centers Tracking
  • Hospital Personnel Tracking
  • Hospital Textile Hygiene Tracking