Automatic weighing, identification, tracking and administrative reporting of all transport trucks (excavation vehicles, garbage trucks, etc.) within the scope of automation can be provided. Thanks to RFID TAGs that will be attached to the glass of all freight vehicles, the automatic identification process will become 100% consistent and will eliminate operator dependency.

Every business seeks to make its capital expenditures a return on investment. Our solutions provide cost savings to our customers in many ways.

Smart Scale Automation (Intelli Weigh)  it also enables unmanned weighing solutions. In the vehicle measurement industry, this feature is one of the fastest growing sectors. Automation systems provide businesses with a great opportunity to reduce labor costs and increase productivity. By reducing the interference of the office staff to the processes during the weighing processes, it provides comfort for the staff to focus on other responsibilities and office activities.



  • User-friendly and flexible screen designs,
  • Inventory tracking through the processing of outgoing and incoming material records,
  • Shipper information and report generation,
  • Besides material and ratio table categories, other categories are available to maximize reporting features (location information etc.),
  • Deactivation of unused material types,
  • User-customizable report screens,
  • Changable report column names,
  •  Stability settings that can ensure consistency during        weighing,
  • Automatic tare,
  • For each vehicle, materials, carriers, suppliers, etc. set fields as default,
  • Possibility to manually select groups for situations where RFID reading is not performed,
  • RFID vehicle tags burning module,
  • Possibility to define credits for weighing of vehicles.



With real-time weighing operations, it enables real-time data collection that contributes to the improvement of your work efficiency, with little or no dependency on a scale operator.

The system, with its modular structure, provides support with its easy troubleshooting and field-friendly features, and enables automatic receipt and waybill printing in order to speed up the weighing processes of trucks.

It allows the system to automatically find and reprint a record number kept for each record and a required record within a certain time period among hundreds or even thousands of records.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is fast becoming a critical element in fleet management. The time saved from processing time with this technology will be used to reduce operational burdens.

Camera systems and DVR recorders allow you to record and store images for each measurement operation.

Your Counting Transactions Are Now Faster and Safer!

Central Management

Thanks to the system’s superior synchronization infrastructure, all transactions carried out in many locations can be monitored, controlled and reported instantly from a single center.

System Integration

If you need integration with another software, we can work with your other software provider and perform a custom work for you.

Flexible Report System

Create reports according to your needs by specifying the type of transaction you want included in each report.