For shipyards and ports RTLS encompasses several automatic identification technologies that use wireless signals to pinpoint objects or persons. It is a platform that provides real-time location tracking of personnel, tracking of fixed or moving objects and vehicles in the field (forklift, reachtruck, towtruck, etc.). The aim is to monitor the asset information on a location-based basis and to share it with third party software and web services for more efficient use of resources. Teknopalas RTLS has been successfully applied and used in many sectors, especially large, complex and It is on its way to become an indispensable tracking system in Shipyards and Ports, which are described as dangerous areas. RTLS is an IOT application integrated with high technology devices that provides effective occupational health and safety, personnel/object management and project management in these sectors.


Within the areas determined by Teknopalas RTLS, information such as where people are at what time intervals and how much time they spend are kept, and in case of emergency, warning alarms can be generated to inform authorized persons. Thanks to Active RFID reader-antenna placed in the areas to be controlled and small electronic devices (beacon) that the worker can carry on his/her wrist, hard hat or belt, optionally, employees can be tracked.

The Benefits of Teknopalas RTLS System

• Tracking the location of the personnel within the designated area,

• Regional reporting of personnel productivity on a man/hour basis,

• Activity/non-activity time analysis for personnel,

• A flexible structure that can be customized according to customer needs,

• Instant detection of personnel entering and leaving the work area,

• Route-based and real time personnel tracking information,

• Instantly notifying the predefined authorities in case of an emergency such as falling, injury or inactivity of the personnel working alone in a certain area,

• Instant notification of violations made in areas where entry and exit are prohibited,

• Preventing security problems that may occur when employees enter unsafe and unauthorized areas,

• Controlled visitor tracking.



There is a wide variety of equipment (portable cranes, forklifts, pallet trucks, mobile generators, etc.) in shipyards and ports. Because these facilities occupy large areas, it can take a long time to find where an equipment is currently located. Teknopalas RTLS is a tracking, analysis and evaluation system that determines the locations of equipment and wheeled transport vehicles in indoor or outdoor areas. It allows you to find objects in seconds instead of finding products that take hours with manual operations.

Intended Use of Teknopalas RTLS System

• Establishing a protection area to ensure safety around workers and objects.

• To increase job security.

• To minimize the risk of accident.

Advantages of Teknopalas RTLS System;

• Easy Setup

• Audible, visual and vibratory warning to driver and worker,

• Adjustable risk area by region.

• It is very easy to use with its simple and understandable interface.

• Accessibility via mobile, tablet or computer.

• You are now in control with real-time personnel, object tracking.

• Easily access information on where personnel and equipment are located in the designated area.

• A flexible structure that can be customized according to customer needs.