Textile, which is one of the sectors where competition is experienced the most in the world, is an area where efficiency cost calculations are studied in the most aggressive form. Investing in technologies that will increase productivity in the world market, where labor costs are becoming more decisive, has become a process that businesses cannot postpone.

The speed and control capability brought by RFID technology form the basis of a strong RFID-supported automation structure for the textile industry. As Teknopalas RFID, RFID supported automation was created by combining 10 years of RFID technology experience and 30 years of textile experience gained in textile companies affiliated to the same group.


In production, the RFID tag is attached to the normal tag. Before packaging, employees read the RFID tag attached to the clothing tag at the desk station and the data is recorded in the system.

Desk Stations;

  • It is very systematic and reliable for this job.
  • Data is shown on the screens on the stations.
  • Amounts can be easily checked with data scanning.
  • Data is guaranteed in all procedures.
  • The system can be easily monitored and tracked.

Usually there are printers next to the desk station. When the packaging is done, the printer prints the necessary information, the packaged clothes are encoded with another RFID tag in series and the RFID tag is affixed on the boxes by the employees. Generally, in the textile industry, no warehouse space is created for the clothes, the finished clothes are delivered to the distribution centers and stored there and then shipped to different retail stores.

Full Control at Every Stage of Textile!

Thanks to The System


  • Products become traceable one by one.
  • The label will not need to be seen by the reader to read the products.
  • You will have the possibility of multiple counting instead of counting one by one.
  • Man-made errors are minimized.
  • Productivity becomes instantly measurable.
  • Contribution to your quality control process.
  • Contribution is made to your product shopping with the sub-industry.
  • Tracking of empty crates and pallets out of production is ensured.