The Purpose of VIPAS UHF Personnel Tracking System

 Vipas Personnel Tracking System is a solution that makes it possible to observe the movements of the personnel within the building or at a certain open space distance. chip containing RFID tag cards will be provided. At the crossing points created, the cards will be read without the need to show the card, and the information on the date and time that the person passed from the location will be recorded in the system.

VIPAS Personnel Tracking System General Features

At the created transition points, a fast transition is made without the need for operations such as showing card and reading. Entry and exit information is recorded instantly. Information about the last location of a staff member and how long he spent in the location is learned. Thus, the staff
If any, the time wasted can be determined and this situation can be prevented. Employee productivity is measured with man/hour based reports. The absence, leave and rest periods of the personnel are reported. The system has a flexible structure that allows the creation of mobile and fixed reading points. System; It is compatible with mobile devices with IPHONE, IPAD, Android 4.0 above and Windows operating system.