Counting the products in your warehouse is a difficult process that requires serious labor and time with the widely used barcode technology. With the UHF RFID Technology, where each product is given a unique electronic identity, the concept of “Difficult Counting and Control” is eliminated.

Each check and recount can be done in minutes for thousands of products.

With Multiple Reading and Remote Identification possibilities, you will be able to count all your products in minutes with RFID in your warehouse.


  • By logging in with the user name and password, the details of each transaction are recorded and possible errors are tracked.
  • All screens on the system can be printed in desired file formats (PDF, csv, xls, xlsx, html, mht, rtf, xps, text file, image file, etc.) or printing can be done on defined printers.
  • The system can work in harmony with hardware such as RFGate, mobile handheld terminal, desktop reader, and all counts can be transferred to the system instantly.
  • By creating any number of user groups on the system, you can define special authorizations for each group.
  • Thanks to the flexible structure of the system, you can create hundreds of reports by filtering according to the criteria you want on all screens, and you can get the output of these reports in the file format you want.


  • Making products traceable
  • Product ID can be obtained without optical vision,
  • Immediate multiple count of products,
  • Mobile reader that works like a product locator,
  • Quick access to current counts,
  • Error-free shipping management,
  • Smart security system,
  • Matching reader records with product movements,
  • Contributing to the quality control process.


  • Marketing Module
  • Debit Module
  • Technical Support Module
  • Shipping & Order Tracking Module
  • Accounting Module
  • Maintenance Module
  • File Management Module
  • Product Tracking Module
  • Purchase Module

Your Counting Transactions Are Now Faster and Safer!

Mobile Solution

You can instantly transfer all your counting transactions to your center via the mobile handheld terminal.

System Integration

If you need integration with another software, we can work with your other software provider and perform a custom work for you.

Flexible Reporting System

Thanks to the e-mail module in the system, you can automatically send your reports regarding your fixtures on a one-time, weekly, monthly or annual basis to the relevant managers via e-mail.