RFID Weighbridge Automation  Purpose

UHF RFID Weighbridge Automation, first implemented by Teknopalas in Turkey; It ensures that all transport vehicles are weighed, directed, loaded and driver information is received, weighing security is ensured, online data transfer to the central system and administrative reporting processes are carried out unmanned, that is, without the need for an operator.

RFID Weighbridge Automation Features


Labels affixed to vehicle windows cannot change hands between vehicles. Higgs4 chips are used, which lose their function when removed from the vehicle glass, have a high protection factor against UV lights, and are accepted by independent test institutions as the world’s best chip with increased security.


In the system, antennas do not need to see the tag, TPS RFID vehicle tags is not seen by antennas, it can be detected within the coverage area. This coverage area can be changed in the range of 1-15 meters in line with the needs.
Central Management Module The system is designed to control 10 scales at the same time without delay.

IP Camera

The system can provide IP camera support that can be integrated into each scale at the same time. Weighing records of each vehicle weighed on the scale are matched with video or photo recordings.

Reportable Photo Recording Module

Weighing moment; By associating with the visual values ​​of the vehicle, driver and load, visual tracking of historical weighing is also provided.

Automatic Driver Control

The system reads the driver card of each driver passing through the scale and takes it under control with the camera recording. Thus, unauthorized shift changes between drivers are taken under control.


All data written and read during the 24/7 operation of the system has always managed to be as consistent and reliable as the day it was first installed.

Web Based Reporting

The system provides reporting via internet browsers by authorized users without the need to install any program.

Durable System

It should have a structure that will continue to work in all weather conditions and adverse environmental conditions without causing performance loss.

Print Receipt

Labor savings thanks to the elimination of manual data entry

RFID Weighbridge Automation Working Principle

The vehicle enters the scale. The tare weight information of the vehicle is read and the data is transferred to the main computer. RFID tag, RFID reader It is automatically detected by and the vehicle identification information is read from the screen. The RFID tag of the driver is automatically detected by the RFID reader and the driver information is read from the screen. RFID software checks driver and vehicle information from its own list. If the vehicle and driver information is valid, it reads the weight and stores the weighing record. All stages of the weighing process, start-end information are reported to the driver with the relevant messages on the LED screen. If the camera option is added, the photos of the vehicle at the time of weighing are saved in the weighing database file.

RFID Weighbridge Automation Usage Areas


Solid Waste Transfer & Warehouse Centers When the silos coming to the transfer stations stand on the weighbridge, the plate information is automatically sent to the central scale automation software and the weighing process is carried out without the need for any user intervention.

The operating steps of the system;

• High security RFID chips are placed in all silos and windows of transfer vehicles at transfer stations.
• The RFID reader units located on the platforms recognize the vehicles approaching the platform.
• Identification is done with chips on vehicle windows, RFID units placed on platforms and control software.
• The RFID system detects that the vehicle parked on the platform has completed its movement and turns the lights of the led panels on the platforms green. The system sends the information of the vehicle approaching the platform to the software.
• When the vehicle filling process is completed and the vehicle starts to leave the platform, the RFID system detects this situation and turns the lights of the led panels to red.

Excavation Storage Areas

In the light of science, technology, zoning, urbanism, earthquake and urban transformation, the solid waste issue, especially solid wastes in the urban transformation process and their recycling, is extremely important in terms of structuring a healthy environment and building sustainable living spaces in our country.

Excavation Waste Measurement-Orientation

Automation is the technology that enables the reduction, collection, temporary accumulation, transportation, recovery, evaluation and disposal of excavation soil and construction and demolition wastes at the source in a fast and controlled manner in a way that does not harm the environment.

Waste Paper Collection Centers

Within the scope of automation, weighing and analysis processes of all scrap papers purchased in an integrated manner with weighbridge automation can be realized, followed and administrative reporting processes can be provided.
To be pasted on the windows of all vehicles carrying scrap paper Thanks to RFID tags, vehicles that are automatically identified will be weighed unmanned, and after the weighing process, analysis processes of all scrap papers purchased will be recorded, and their tracking and control will be carried out.