Within the scope of Waste Paper Management Automation, it is possible to perform the weighing and analysis of all waste paper purchased in an integrated manner with the weighbridge automation, tracking and administrative reporting. Thanks to the RFID tags that will be affixed to the windows of all vehicles carrying waste paper, automatically identified vehicles will be weighed unmanned, and after the weighing process, the analysis processes of all waste paper purchased will be recorded and monitored and controlled.

Atık Kağıt Yönetim Otomasyonu


Unmanned Weighing

– User-friendly and flexible screen designs

– Inventory tracking by processing outgoing and incoming material records.

– Transporter information and report generation.

– Material and rate table categories are available as well as other categories to maximize reporting features.

– Default setting of fields such as material, transporter, supplier, etc. for each vehicle.

– Possibility to manually select groups for cases where RFID reading is not performed.

– RFID vehicle tags writing module.

– Possibility to define credits for weighing of vehicles.

• Stability settings to ensure consistency during weighing.

• Automatic taring.

•Creation and printing of transfers for customers and prospects. – Easily convert transfers into orders and transactions.

• Storing and printing addresses specific to a different order or transaction without charging to the carrier or account.

• Conversion of all screens into an Excel, PDF, CSV, etc. document.

• Inactivating unused material types.

• Report screens that can be customized according to the user.


Waste Paper Management Automation, with sensors placed at the borders of the weighbridge, weighing of vehicles leaving the weighbridge is not allowed. Human errors or abuses that may cause incorrect weighing are prevented.

Reportable Photo Recording Module

By taking photos of the vehicles from the front and back and associating them with the record, visual tracking of past weighings is also provided.

Central Management Module

Thanks to the system’s superior synchronization infrastructure, all transactions performed at multiple locations can be monitored, controlled and reported instantly from a single center.


You can enter the analysis values of the scrap paper purchased, such as moisture, foreign matter, etc. after weighing, either from the desktop application or via the mobile handheld terminal in the field. You can obtain reports on all scrap paper subjected to the analysis process at any time interval you want and thus turn your supplier transactions into administrative reports. The information entered by the experts who perform the analysis process is instantly transferred to the desktop application, you can minimize the time losses that may occur during the transactions. You can collect many information such as moisture, foreign matter, deduction, quantity, material type, invoice information, etc. for all scrap paper purchased under a single roof and print out the reports you will create as you wish.


Receipt Printing:
  • Increased accuracy due to elimination of handwritten and difficult to read receipts Labor savings due to elimination of manual data entry.
  • Improved auditing for easy retrieval of stored receipt data.
  • Improved customer service thanks to accurate and easy-to-read receipts.
  • Ability to obtain instant work/weight totals on receipts.
  • Elimination of search time spent on lost receipts.



You can generate hundreds of different reports for the time intervals you want with various filters you will create. You can easily monitor the status of your company instantly with dozens of graphical report options on the basis of suppliers, customers and materials. With web-based reporting, authorized users can receive reports via internet browsers without the need to install any program.


Scale Automation allows you to transfer data precisely so that you can run your operations in the most efficient way. This avoids entering the same information twice to transfer data between your accounting program and the scale software.

Unlimited number of Export possibilities.

Changeable file export nomenclature.

Programmable Export destination locations (floppy disk, USB flash drive, etc.) including local folder, network folder and local media.

Comma, tab or user-defined delimiters.

Date and recording interval parameters.

Multiple file format options (CSV, XLS, PDF, etc.)


• Possibility to send/update data from remote locations to the central office and transfer data from remote locations to the central office – Security management with the login of users using the defined username and password – Optionally restricting vehicles by looking at the load information on the weight form – Taking photos associated with the weighing record with the Reportable Photo Recording Module; possibility to see the vehicle, driver, load, weighing moment on the report screen in the desired detail – Printing and viewing independently for each record – Recording all transaction details (record update, deletion, addition, etc.) in the background. ) are recorded in the background


By reducing labor costs and increasing office efficiency, the system pays for itself in 12-18 months. Minimization of the time spent by loading operators in updating tare weights etc. at the location of the scale during weighing provide better customer service at lower cost by extending operation times without additional labor costs.