Mine tracking allows real-time monitoring of mining equipment and the extraction of minerals, as well as the safety and efficiency of operations.



The working environment in mines is difficult to manage due to the difficulties and risks involved. The personnel monitoring system in mines with IoT is a solution that makes it possible to determine how long people who are moving or stationary in the working areas have been in which location and to instantly access information such as where they are at any time.

IoT technology enables workspaces to be monitored from a centralized system to increase operational efficiency. In addition to preventing possible accidents in work areas, it provides important opportunities for the speed and effectiveness of search and rescue operations in case of possible accidents.

Increases your work efficiency in mines.

It contributes to developing countermeasures against risks.

You can make emergency notifications in case environmental factors such as gas, humidity, temperature, etc. in the working environment take dangerous values.

Benefit your other mining automation applications with location information.

Continuity of communication is ensured.


  • RFID Tags and Identification of Objects: RFID tags are placed on equipment, workers and other assets at the mine site. These tags contain unique identification information of the assets.
  • RFID Readers and Data Collection: RFID readers or reader antennas are placed in specific areas of the mine site.
  • RTLS and Geolocation: RTLS technology provides the ability to determine the real-time location where RFID tags are in a given location.
  • IoT Connectivity and Data Integration: RFID and RTLS data is collected and processed through IoT platforms.
  • Application and Business Intelligence, Security and Data Analytics: RTLS and IoT data can help to take safety measures. For example, workers can be alerted when entering dangerous areas.

Advantages of the System

Real Time Monitoring

The system allows real-time location and status monitoring of miners and equipment.

Worker Health and Safety

RTLS can help workers avoid dangerous areas by tracking their location inside the mine.

Productivity Increase

It can help to manage equipment effectively and better plan business processes.

Inventory Management

IoT can improve inventory management by keeping track of equipment and materials in the mine.

Operational Analysis

Optimizes work processes through analysis of workers’ movements and equipment usage.

Areas of Use

RFID mine tracking system can generally be used in Underground construction. The use of RTLS and IoT technology can also be useful in Underground Subway and Tunnel Constructions, Coal and Natural Gas Deposits, Water Treatment Plants, Well and Drilling Operations, Archaeological Excavations, Space and Research Locations, Underground Storage Areas, Areas Requiring Background Control.





Intelli Count RFID



An RFID parking system uses RFID technology to automate the parking process. This typically involves the use of RFID tags or cards associated with a specific vehicle, which are scanned by an RFID reader as the vehicle enters and exits the parking facility.

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RFID in the Mining Industry

RFID in the Mining Industry

The use of RFID in the mining sector has become increasingly popular in recent years. In this article, we will give you information about how it is used and its application areas. The mining sector has long been a critical component of global economies, providing valuable resources used in various industries and sectors. Recently, RFID in the mining sector has provided numerous benefits and changed the shape of mining operations.


RFID is a wireless communication technology that uses radio waves to transfer data between the reader and the tag. Tags are small, durable devices that can be affixed to objects, vehicles or personnel and contain unique identification information. RFID readers are devices that can communicate with and collect data from RFID tags. When an RFID tag enters the range of an RFID reader, the data stored in the tag is transmitted to the reader, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of assets and personnel.

RFID Applications in the Mining Industry

One of the primary applications for RFID in the mining industry is asset tracking and management. In large mining operations, equipment, vehicles and tools are critical assets that must be tracked and efficiently managed to ensure smooth operations. RFID tags can be attached to these assets, allowing them to be accurately tracked and located in real time. This helps mining companies optimise asset utilisation, reduce equipment downtime and improve maintenance scheduling. RFID technology also enables automated inventory management as tagged items can be automatically scanned and recorded. This eliminates the need for manual counting and reduces human error.

Safety is a top priority in the mining industry and RFID has been instrumental in the development of safety measures. RFID tags can be worn by miners as personal protective equipment (PPE). This enables real-time monitoring of their location and ensures compliance with safety regulations. In the event of a collapse or gas leak, RFID technology can help miners to be found quickly. It can shorten response time and minimise potential damage. RFID-enabled access control systems reduce the risk of accidents by preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas.

RFID is also mainly used in maintenance and repair operations in the mining industry. Equipment maintenance is critical to mining operations, as failures can lead to costly downtime. RFID technology provides real-time data on equipment utilisation, performance and condition. This helps automate maintenance processes. RFID tags can be attached to equipment parts or components. This allows them to be easily identified and tracked. This enables predictive maintenance, where equipment problems can be detected early based on RFID data, allowing timely repair or replacement. This approach enables mining companies to optimise their maintenance programmes.



VIPAS Welcome System Purpose

With the VIPAS Reception System, it is aimed to monitor the entry and exit of all personnel and visitors who are identified with the help of chip cards issued to visitors and the necessary reader equipment. In this context, it will be possible to examine when and from where people pass, how long they spend at which points, and the details of the visitors who enter and exit with instant recording and reporting options.

VIPAS Welcome System General Features

  • The system defines unlimited hardware, entry-exit points and guests.
  • People arriving through the LED screens are guided without being disturbed and messages defined for them are broadcasted.
  • Entry-exit can be controlled from any desired point through equipment such as tablets, cell phones and mobile handheld terminals.
  • Images of people taken instantly on the system can be printed on the cards used.
  • People can be prevented from entering and exiting by making their status inactive.
  • The system is compatible with IPHONE, IPAD, mobile devices with Android 4.0 and Windows operating systems


The labels used in the systems cannot be copied thanks to the high security coding structure.

Unlimited hardware, entry-exit points, personnel and guests are defined in the system.

Access permissions are defined for the people registered in the system at the doors created, and warnings are given in case of unauthorized access.

VIPAS Welcome System Modules

SECURITY All entries and exits are monitored instantly on the system. A record of every transaction is kept. All entrances and exits are visually recorded with camera support. Entry-exits can be prevented by making the person status passive. The information of visitors entering the institutions is recorded in the system and the RFID card given to the visitor is used to obtain entry-exit and route information.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION The system is designed to be integrated with other organizations and systems upon request. When you need integration with a third party, we can work with you and your other software provider to create a customized design. System integration allows customers to transfer their data to external applications. WEB PAGE Thanks to the web side of the system, the user can instantly access the entrance-exit information of the guests from wherever they are at any time. USAGE AREAS Institutions and organizations, municipal buildings, schools, hotels, congress centers, airplanes, etc. REPORTS Hundreds of reports can be generated for certain date ranges, for all entry-exit points, location-based, user-based and many more filtering. The user can define the columns to be included in the generated reports. Administrative decisions are facilitated by utilizing the statistics generated by the generated reports. All generated reports can be exported as .html, PDF, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .rft, .mht, text file and image file. Reports can be sent to the desired users via e-mail. Reports can be printed from a printer defined in the system

APPLICATION AREAS The Vipas System, especially the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey; congresses, receptions, organizations, etc. It continues to serve in Teknopalas quality in events. SOFTWARE INTERFACE The program, which has unlimited entry-exit and hardware identification infrastructure, is a dynamic system with the features of keeping people’s information confidential, making reports with up-to-date information, and working compatible with mobile devices.




Navizard Mine Personnel Tracking System Purpose

In order to ensure the health and safety of the personnel working underground, it is aimed to track the personnel inside the mine with metallic-fiber optic cable or wirelessly with an active tag placed on the helmet of the personnel and to communicate with the radio. Navizard Mine Personnel Tracking System aims to maximize the health and safety of workers in this line of work where the possibility of accidents is high.

In case of possible work accidents, instant information is provided to the authorized person. The system aims to increase work safety.

Thus, it will be possible to minimize the damages that will arise as a result of time losses

UHF RFID technology enables work areas to be monitored from the central system, increasing operational efficiency. In addition to preventing possible accidents in work areas, it provides important opportunities for the speed and effectiveness of search and rescue operations in case of possible accidents.

Advantages of Mine Personnel Tracking System

Safety The safety of personnel working in mines is of paramount importance. The tracking system monitors the instantaneous location and movements of personnel, enabling emergency situations to be detected quickly.

Emergency Response: In case of accidents or emergencies that may occur in mines, the location information of the personnel is quickly determined and the response teams are directed to the right places.

Productivity: The tracking system can be used to monitor staff working time and productivity levels. This optimizes work processes and increases productivity.

Occupational Health and Safety: Occupational health and safety is very important in mines. The tracking system ensures that personnel act in accordance with occupational health and safety policies and keeps track of necessary trainings.

Navizard maden personel takip sistemi