Since its establishment in 2005, Teknopalas has succeeded in producing solutions to different problems by using RFID and IOT technologies. /p>With the successful rise of our country in production and different industrial areas in recent years, obligations and awareness on the health and safety of employees are increasing. It is of great importance to direct the teams quickly and accurately in case of a possible need.

In today’s world where information security is of critical importance, various solutions are developed especially with IOT technologies.
RTLS gains importance in today’s world for such reasons.


  • Continuous control of the locations of the personnel can be provided with the data that can be obtained instantly in complex and challenging areas.
  • It can give early warning in cases where vehicles such as forklifts and pedestrian personnel, which can be encountered frequently as a result of the intense and fast-paced work of the personnel in industrial areas, are dangerous and too close to each other.
  • With various sensors that can be integrated into the system, the values ​​of the environment where the personnel work can be measured continuously. For example, gas rates can be measured at a mining site and a potential accident can be prevented before it happens.
  • It is possible to generate an alarm as soon as the occupational safety equipment used by the personnel working in hazardous areas is removed, or to determine how long it has not been used.
  • With sensors that can be integrated into the system, the system generates an alarm when single personnel fall to the ground or remain motionless, allowing rescue and medical teams to be dispatched to the area quickly.
  • With the help of sensors that can be integrated into the system, personnel’s body temperatures, heartbeats and different vital data can be obtained. In cases where the determined critical values ​​are exceeded, health teams can be directed to the location of the personnel quickly.
  • With the authorizations that can be determined on the system, the personnel can give a warning when they enter an unauthorized area.
  • In areas where information confidentiality is essential, such as the defense industry, it can prevent unauthorized exits of devices containing critical information.
  • It can be used for different purposes in areas where continuous and reliable data are needed, such as the health sector. E.g; Continuous follow-up of mothers and babies or patients who are likely to have postoperative complications, and their vital values ​​are constantly measured and controlled.

With this system, the personnel are followed in real time, and it is easy to intervene in any emergency.

Real Time Location Determination (RTLS)
Ömer Faruk Uğur

Project Management and Sales

Searching for inventory, staff or patients is risky when even seconds are critical to patient life. A doctor or nurse needs to know where their equipment is at all times.

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