Real-time tracking system for shipyards and ports (RTLS)


RTLS for shipyards and ports encompasses several automatic identification technologies that use wireless signals to pinpoint the location of objects or people. It is a platform that enables real-time location tracking of personnel, tracking of stationary or moving objects and tracking of vehicles (forklifts, reachtrucks, towtrucks, etc.) on site. The aim is to track asset information based on location for more efficient use of resources and to share it with third party software via web services. Teknopalas RTLS is successfully applied and used in many sectors and is on its way to becoming an indispensable tracking system especially in Shipyards and Ports, which are characterized as large, complex and dangerous areas. RTLS is an IoT application integrated with high-tech devices that provides effective occupational health and safety, personnel/object management and project management in these sectors.


With Teknopalas RTLS, information such as where people are at what time intervals and how much time they spend within the specified areas is kept and in case of emergencies, warning alarms can be generated and authorized persons can be informed. Active RFID readers and antennas placed in the areas to be controlled and small electronic devices (beacons) that can be worn on the worker’s wrist, helmet or belt can be used to track the workers in the facilities.

Benefits of Teknopalas RTLS System

• Tracking the location of personnel within the designated area,

• Regional reporting of personnel productivity on a man/hour basis,

• Analysis of time on/off mobility for staff,

• A flexible structure that can be customized according to customer needs,

• Instant detection of personnel entering and exiting the work area,

• Route-based and real-time personnel tracking information,

• Instant notification of predefined authorities in case of emergencies such as falls, injuries or immobilization of personnel working alone in a specific area,

• Instant communication of violations in areas where entry and exit is prohibited,

• Preventing security problems caused by employees entering unsecured and unauthorized areas,

• Controlled visitor tracking.



Shipyards and ports have a wide variety of equipment (portable cranes, forklifts, pallet trucks, mobile generators, etc.). As these facilities occupy large areas, it can take a long time to find out where an equipment is at any given moment. Teknopalas RTLS is a tracking, analysis and evaluation system that determines the location of equipment and wheeled transport vehicles in closed or open areas. It allows you to find objects in seconds instead of hours of product locating with manual processes.

Purpose of Use of Teknopalas RTLS System

• Creating a protection area to ensure safety around workers and objects.

• Improving work safety.

• Minimizing the risk of accidents.

Teknopalas RTLS Sisteminin Avantajları;

• Kolay kurulum

• Sürücüye ve işçiye, sesli, görsel ve titreşimli uyarı,

• Bölgeye göre ayarlanabilir risk alanı.

• Sade ve anlaşılır arayüzü ile kullanımı çok kolay.

• Mobil, tablet veya bilgisayar ile ulaşabilme imkanı.

• Gerçek zamanlı personel, nesne takibi ile artık kontrol sizde.

• Belirlenen alanda personel, ekipman nerede kolayca bilgisine ulaşın.

• Müşteri ihtiyaçlarına göre özelleştirilebilen esnek bir yapı.


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