With Augelab, the fabric manufacturing and apparel industries are sectors that are scrutinized in terms of ensuring the quality of products and increasing customer satisfaction. In these industries, the accuracy and efficiency of quality control processes have a major impact on business success. Given the tendency of traditional manual methods to lead to human errors and complexity of processes, state-of-the-art image processing systems and automation technologies in this field are of great importance.

Augelab is a company that excels in fabric quality control and outperforms its competitors in terms of price performance. Augelab’s image processing technologies provide fabric manufacturers and garment industry professionals with a high level of capability to deliver reliable and fast quality control solutions.

Errors caused by the human factor at quality control desks increase production costs. It can also affect product quality. Augelab’s image processing systems are specifically designed to overcome such problems. Advanced cameras and software solutions minimize human intervention. This ensures accurate results are consistently achieved.


Augelab offers an easy-to-use interface for fabric manufacturers and garment industry professionals. Beginners can quickly adopt the system, while experienced professionals can use the technology effectively. Easy setup and operation increases productivity while reducing time and training costs.

However, people who want to closely examine the performance and experience of Augelab products can visit the Teknopalas Center. This center offers the opportunity to explore Augelab’s technologies in a comprehensive way. Visitors can examine the products and experience the systems in this center. They can also learn more by talking to experts. This experience is an important step in understanding how to achieve leadership in the field of fabric quality control.

As a result, Augelab is a leader in fabric quality control in terms of price performance and ease of use. Advanced image processing technology ensures the continuous production of high-quality fabrics. In addition, it makes it possible to offer excellent products to customers. You can visit Teknopalas IoT Experience Center to take a closer look at Augelab. Thus, you can have the opportunity to understand and use this important technology.