Purpose of Parking Management System

Teknopalas Parking Management System is designed to ensure that vehicle entry and exit to and from open and closed parking lots is controlled. It is aimed to control the vehicle limits of the parking lot right holders, to connect to payment systems if desired, to direct the vehicles correctly in the parking lot, to open or block the barriers / gates depending on the time and control gate, and to control hundreds of gates in dozens of locations with the Parking Management System.

Working Principle of Parking Management System

The antennas positioned by Teknopalas Engineers in accordance with the project conditions detect the movements of the vehicles according to the direction of passage and send the vehicle information to the computer from the main control panel together with their directions. Teknopalas Parking Management Software takes the encrypted license plate information of the incoming vehicle and starts the permission control process. An opening command is sent to the barrier / gate for the vehicle with permission to pass. For the vehicle that does not have permission to pass through the control gate, a “Warning Message” is given to the security guard.


– It offers a continuous and stable automatic access system. – The chips inside the RFTAG are encoded with a high security algorithm. – It has a 100% operation guarantee in all bad weather conditions (snow, rain, storm, fog, etc.). – Authorization groups can be created by introducing the vehicle license plate, owner, site block and apartment number, contact information, vehicle brand, model information to the system. – Detailed entry and exit permissions can be defined at the day / hour / minute level given to different groups. – It allows a management structure that can limit the number of vehicles that can enter the parking lot for each apartment. – Sub-parking authorizations can be made in nested parking lots. – Flexible reporting and import/export possibility. – Instant and centralized control of all entry-exit points is provided. – Thanks to its parametric structure, it can be adapted to all mechanical security systems (barrier, garage door, sliding door, etc.). – With the Anti-pass Back feature, the vehicle entering will not be allowed in again after the specified time expires. – It can direct vehicle drivers in an easily visible way with color written LED information screens, and broadcast announcements and warnings to the residents of the site. – RFID readers used in the system have health certification and KET regulation compliance certificates.


  • There is a reporting subsystem that allows comprehensive data analysis.
  • Reports received through the system can be exported in various file formats such as PDF, CSV, XLS.
  • All desired reports can be printed flexibly at specified date intervals through the system.


  • Vehicle stickers that disintegrate when tried to be removed prevent abuses.
  • All entrances and exits are recorded 24 hours a day with cameras, thus providing a high level of security.


– Speed and control – 24/7 fast and unlimited entry-exit support – High and consistent tag reading performance – Fast barrier opening capability – Identification and security control of vehicles in a thousandth of a second – Adjustable reading distance between 3-15 meters – Creating alternative screens such as personalized access permission, person-based authorization, personalized reporting – Low human error rate – Elimination of manual control workload