Teknopalas RFID and IOT Systems


Many sectors use it for different purposes. Teknopalas RFID hospital tracking systems, which we aim to use in hospitals, which is one of our more than 500 projects that we have implemented, realizes the monitoring, control and security of newborn babies, patients, personnel and inventories much faster and easier. Therefore, in today’s world, digital solutions make a big difference in the field of health.

Currently, a physical check of inventory is usually carried out once or twice a year after hours or even days of effort, and the results are still inconclusive.

Searching for inventory, staff or patients is risky when even seconds are critical to patient life. A doctor or nurse needs to know where their equipment is at all times. Unfortunately, many doctors and nurses waste time in a hospital looking for the pieces of equipment they need to intervene with a patient.

TEKNOPALAS Benefits of RFID Hospital Tracking Systems

  • It minimizes human errors by automating processes.
  • Fixtures are used with the best efficiency. The number of lost and misplaced fixtures is reduced.
  • Counts are made much faster and with Teknopalas RFID tracking systems, up-to-date and most accurate inventory information can be viewed at any time.
  • Finding the wanted fixture or person is much faster.
  • Maintenance and calibration of fixtures are checked and the relevant persons are periodically informed. Maintenance teams can then focus on inspection and repair.
  • Unauthorized entry and exit of fixtures are prevented.
  • Monitoring and control of patients can be done much faster and easier. Patient safety is increased.
  • With Teknopalas’ special RFID label designs, you can find solutions with a wide range of labels that can be applied to plastic, metal, sensitive, small, large inventories.
  • With Teknopalas Active RFID technology, the location information of the fixtures is instantly received. Especially in actively moving fixtures, location detection provides great convenience. In case of an emergency, the nearest fixture can be easily found. In addition, the alarm system is activated in unauthorized exits of the fixtures against possible theft. In this way, better quality management of hospital processes is ensured.
  • Since the number of devices and equipment can be constantly controlled, the purchase of surplus fixtures is prevented. Thus, procurement processes are also controlled. With these savings, a better healthcare service becomes much more cost-effective.
  • The efficiency of the staff is increased, the time the staff spends with the patients increases, the waiting time of the patients is reduced and patient satisfaction increases significantly.
  • Patient records can be better kept and therefore patient care can be taken to a whole new level.