VIPAS Welcome System Purpose

With the VIPAS Reception System, it is aimed to monitor the entry and exit of all personnel and visitors who are identified with the help of chip cards issued to visitors and the necessary reader equipment. In this context, it will be possible to examine when and from where people pass, how long they spend at which points, and the details of the visitors who enter and exit with instant recording and reporting options.

VIPAS Welcome System General Features

  • The system defines unlimited hardware, entry-exit points and guests.
  • People arriving through the LED screens are guided without being disturbed and messages defined for them are broadcasted.
  • Entry-exit can be controlled from any desired point through equipment such as tablets, cell phones and mobile handheld terminals.
  • Images of people taken instantly on the system can be printed on the cards used.
  • People can be prevented from entering and exiting by making their status inactive.
  • The system is compatible with IPHONE, IPAD, mobile devices with Android 4.0 and Windows operating systems


The labels used in the systems cannot be copied thanks to the high security coding structure.

Unlimited hardware, entry-exit points, personnel and guests are defined in the system.

Access permissions are defined for the people registered in the system at the doors created, and warnings are given in case of unauthorized access.

VIPAS Welcome System Modules

SECURITY All entries and exits are monitored instantly on the system. A record of every transaction is kept. All entrances and exits are visually recorded with camera support. Entry-exits can be prevented by making the person status passive. The information of visitors entering the institutions is recorded in the system and the RFID card given to the visitor is used to obtain entry-exit and route information.

SYSTEM INTEGRATION The system is designed to be integrated with other organizations and systems upon request. When you need integration with a third party, we can work with you and your other software provider to create a customized design. System integration allows customers to transfer their data to external applications. WEB PAGE Thanks to the web side of the system, the user can instantly access the entrance-exit information of the guests from wherever they are at any time. USAGE AREAS Institutions and organizations, municipal buildings, schools, hotels, congress centers, airplanes, etc. REPORTS Hundreds of reports can be generated for certain date ranges, for all entry-exit points, location-based, user-based and many more filtering. The user can define the columns to be included in the generated reports. Administrative decisions are facilitated by utilizing the statistics generated by the generated reports. All generated reports can be exported as .html, PDF, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .rft, .mht, text file and image file. Reports can be sent to the desired users via e-mail. Reports can be printed from a printer defined in the system

APPLICATION AREAS The Vipas System, especially the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey; congresses, receptions, organizations, etc. It continues to serve in Teknopalas quality in events. SOFTWARE INTERFACE The program, which has unlimited entry-exit and hardware identification infrastructure, is a dynamic system with the features of keeping people’s information confidential, making reports with up-to-date information, and working compatible with mobile devices.