Let RFID Tell You Where Your Fixtures Are!


If you want to make the most of your assets and minimize human errors, the inventory tracking system is for you.



An asset tracking system is a system used to manage and track the use and movement of equipment, assets and other items within an organisation.
The system uses RFID technology to track the location and usage of each item. This information can then be accessed through software, allowing managers to easily keep track of where items are and who is using them.
One of the key benefits of an asset tracking system is that it can help organisations save money by reducing the loss or misuse of equipment. It can also help improve efficiency by ensuring that items are always in the right place at the right time.

The system can also be used to generate reports on equipment usage and maintenance. This allows managers to make informed decisions about when to replace or repair parts.

A fixed asset database that can be updated quickly will make it easier to access accurate and consistent information.

It will shorten the time it takes to access a material that needs to be found, thus saving time.

The Fixed Asset Tracking System will create a database detailed enough to carry the information on which device was used on which date, when, where and for how long.

Human errors will be minimized and easier to prevent and identify.

Daily, monthly and annual reports can be obtained very quickly and with high accuracy rates.


RFID Tags: The first step is to prepare RFID tags that are placed on or inside objects.

RFID Readers: Special reader devices are used to read and write the data of RFID tags.

RFID Antennas: Identifies RFID tags and transmits the information of the tags belonging to the system to the reader.

Data Transfer and Processing: RFID tags receive radio frequency signals sent by the reader device and send back data processed by the microchips inside them. The reader can usually transmit the collected data to a central database. This database stores the location and status of the tags and other relevant information.

Advantages of the System

Real Time Monitoring

The system can track the real-time location and status of objects.

Accurate Counting

It performs accurate and precise counting of thousands of objects and verifies the detection of human errors.

Fast Count

It greatly speeds up processes such as inventory counting and reduces the risk of human error.

Time Saving

Quickly performs counting and control processes.

Data Analytics

Large amounts of data can be quickly collected and analyzed to improve business processes.

Areas of Use

RFID inventory management system is generally used in all areas where RFID technology is used. It can be used in markets, hotels, offices, factories, libraries, Inventory Management, Logistics and Transportation, Healthcare, Access Control and Security, Animal Tracking and Tracing, Manufacturing Processes, Automotive Industry, Textile and Fashion Industry, Educational Institutions, Sports Events and Entertainment Industry.





Intelli Count RFID



Mine tracking systems are software aimed at monitoring and managing mining activities. This tracking system not only monitors the performance and efficiency of mining equipment, but also offers the possibility to measure the costs of mining operations.

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