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META-MATIK inventory management system is an innovative solution that allows businesses to effectively manage their assets. Combining RFID, QR code, barcode and active RFID technologies, this system offers a wide range of services from counting, positioning, embezzlement, maintenance and repair tracking. In this way, businesses can use their assets more efficiently and optimise their resources.

By integrating RFID and IOT technologies, the asset management system becomes even more powerful. Thanks to identifiable RFID doors and active tags, authorised or unauthorised movements of fixtures can be monitored and counted instantly. In addition, with the use of various sensors, the environmental conditions of the assets can also be monitored, so that potential risks can be identified in advance and measures can be taken.

Features We Offer

Fast and Reliable Asset Tracking

META-MATIK RFID asset tracking system provides serious advantages in tracking inventory in businesses. It offers great convenience especially for inventory counts in departments or rooms. In traditional methods, instead of closing the rooms for use and manual counting processes that take hours, these processes are completed in seconds with the MetaMatik RFID inventory tracking system.

Thanks to RFID technology, data can be read and recorded from the tags on the fixture assets within seconds. This speeds up and facilitates inventory counts in departments or rooms. Much faster and more accurate results are obtained compared to manual processes.

In addition, the system has the ability to determine the location of assets in real time. This provides an important advantage for tracking the location of assets and reducing the risk of loss.

RFID/QR Code/Barcode and Active RFID Technology

RFID inventory tracking system draws attention with the important features it offers to manage the assets of businesses. The system offers a comprehensive solution for asset tracking by combining RFID, barcode, QR code and active RFID technologies. Tracked assets can be identified with special barcode, QR, RFID or active RFID tags according to their value, importance and security level. Thanks to this hybrid structure, the system provides businesses with complete flexibility. Each technology can be used to meet different requirements, so businesses can find a solution that suits their needs. RFID asset tracking system offers businesses a reliable and efficient asset management experience with this versatile structure.

Consumable Material Tracking

Tracking the use of consumables in businesses is now seen as a serious expense item and has the potential to reduce costs. Thanks to the consumables tracking module in META-MATIK RFID inventory tracking system, it is possible to track all your consumable inventory on a department and personnel basis. This feature helps businesses manage the use of consumables more effectively.

The system provides access to consumable usage statistics on a department, person or building basis. In this way, businesses can easily see which department or which personnel uses how much consumables. In line with this data, businesses can better manage their consumable budgets and reduce unnecessary expenditure.

It is also possible to predict future needs by analysing consumables usage trends over time. This helps businesses optimise their planning processes and minimise waste.

Fixture Asset Embezzlement Tracking

System facilitates these processes and helps businesses to securely track their inventory. The system records and monitors department, room and person-based embezzlement processes. In this way, businesses can accurately determine where, by whom and when the fixtures are embezzled.

RFID fixture asset tracking system helps businesses to use their resources more efficiently as well as ensuring the security of their inventory. The processes of embezzlement and retrieval of fixtures are automated, saving time and labour. In addition, since it is clearly identified which department or person the fixtures belong to, traceability and accountability increases.

Amortisation Tracking

META-MATIK RFID asset tracking system allows you to properly and consistently track depreciation accounts, which is an important expense item for businesses, and can even provide depreciation calculation service. The system allows businesses to make asset records, these records include information such as purchase date, cost, lifetime. In this way, businesses can create a complete inventory of their assets and accurately manage the depreciation accounts of each asset.

In addition, system also provides businesses with various reports on asset depreciation. These reports help businesses visualise and manage depreciation accounts. Businesses can track the values of their assets in certain periods, monitor depreciation expenses and make budget planning.

Finally, RFID asset tracking system also plays an important role in legal compliance. The system helps businesses manage their asset management processes in accordance with legal requirements and meets the reporting requirements for asset depreciation. In this way, businesses can easily access the information required in legal audits and share this information when necessary.

API Integration Infrastructure

System offers a powerful API integration infrastructure to seamlessly integrate the RFID inventory system with different ERP, MRP and other enterprise software used by your business. In this way, you can eliminate double-sided manual data entry and ensure that all systems are fed with accurate and consistent data in real time.

META-MATIK has realised successful integrations with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft systems and other specialised software with this structure built on 20 years of experience. Thanks to these integrations, your business can manage asset management and other business processes more efficiently, increase productivity and minimise errors. Thanks to its powerful API infrastructure, asset tracking system communicates seamlessly with other software of your business and offers solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Asset Maintenance and Calibration Process Tracking

Regular maintenance and calibration requirements of electronic fixtures in businesses are not only a legal obligation, but also vital for the continuity and efficiency of the business. RFID inventory tracking system ensures that these processes are followed accurately and systematically. Monitoring the processes of devices sent for maintenance is a very important cost item for institutions and businesses. However, with RFID asset tracking system, these processes become easier to track and controllable.

The lack of fixtures sent to service but not tracked is an important problem that businesses may face. However, thanks to RFID inventory tracking system, it is possible to prevent such situations. The system reminds the maintenance and calibration processes of the fixtures and ensures that timely operations are carried out, thus minimising the costs of the enterprises. In addition, thanks to the reporting features of the system, businesses can monitor the entire maintenance and calibration processes and make the necessary corrections when necessary.

RFID inventory tracking system provides businesses with a reliable asset management solution, while at the same time helping them to manage maintenance and calibration processes accurately. In this way, businesses can increase their productivity and keep their costs under control while fulfilling their legal obligations.

Count All Fixture assets with One Click

META-MATIK Hybrid IoT Fixed Asset Tracking System, which represents a first in the sector, offers unique advantages for businesses. Thanks to this innovative system, you can instantly track hundreds of fixed fixtures with a single keystroke. With the hybrid model, you can perform instant counting of your fixtures without the need for any personnel.

META-MATIK Hybrid IoT Fixed Asset Tracking System provides various advantages to businesses:

Instant Tracking and Counting: The system allows you to instantly track fixed fixtures and view the location and status of fixtures at any time. Thus, businesses can keep their inventories up to date and quickly identify lost or missing fixtures.
Hybrid Model: Thanks to the hybrid structure of the system, tracking and counting of fixtures can be performed through a single software. This allows businesses to manage efficiently without complicating the software infrastructure.
Automatic Counting without the Need for Personnel: Hybrid IoT technology enables automatic counting of fixtures. In this way, businesses can perform inventory counting without the need for personnel and save labour.
Time and Cost Savings: Automatic counting and instant tracking features make inventory management more efficient and increase operational efficiency.

Areas of Use

Technologies Used


Real Time Location System


RF Identification


Barcode Identification

QR Code

QR Code Identification


Bluetooth Connection


WiFi Connection


With the RTLS system, you can monitor and control the instant location of your assets in real time. In this way, you can increase operational efficiency by minimising the risk of loss of your assets. As Teknopalas RFID & IOT, we offer you solutions with the latest technology and make your life easier.


With RFID technology, you can perform the counting, control and management of your inventory and fixed assets quickly and safely. By placing RFID tags on all your fixtures and assets, you can easily perform your transactions using a fixed RFID reader or RFID handheld terminal.


Barcode labels can be used instead of RFID tags in consumables, reducing costs and enabling fast counting and control. Teknopalas RFID & IOT makes your life easier by offering you solutions with the latest technology.

QR Code

Teknopalas enables the recording and transfer of larger data with QR Code technology used in the data control section. Our solutions use the latest technologies to facilitate the counting and control of fixtures in your workplace.


Bluetooth technology enables the devices used to work with the sensors and has the power to scan up to about 100 metres.


WiFi technology is used to provide faster data transfer between all devices used in the system. In this way, business processes can be managed more efficiently. With WiFi connection, many advantages such as real-time monitoring, accurate counting, fast counting, time saving and data analytics can be achieved.

System Advantages

Real Time

Thanks to the system, the real-time position and status of objects can be monitored.

Correct Count

It provides accurate and precise counting of thousands of objects, ensuring the accuracy of the counting results.

Fast Count

It greatly speeds up processes such as inventory counting while reducing the risk of human error.

Time Saving

This System saves time by automating counting, monitoring and control processes.

Data Analytics

The system quickly collects large amounts of data and makes it analysable to improve business processes.

Real Time

Correct Count

Fast Count

Time Saving

Data Analytics

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