Navizard Mine Personnel Tracking System Purpose

In order to ensure the health and safety of the personnel working underground, it is aimed to track the personnel inside the mine with metallic-fiber optic cable or wirelessly with an active tag placed on the helmet of the personnel and to communicate with the radio. Navizard Mine Personnel Tracking System aims to maximize the health and safety of workers in this line of work where the possibility of accidents is high.

In case of possible work accidents, instant information is provided to the authorized person. The system aims to increase work safety.

Thus, it will be possible to minimize the damages that will arise as a result of time losses

UHF RFID technology enables work areas to be monitored from the central system, increasing operational efficiency. In addition to preventing possible accidents in work areas, it provides important opportunities for the speed and effectiveness of search and rescue operations in case of possible accidents.

Advantages of Mine Personnel Tracking System

Safety The safety of personnel working in mines is of paramount importance. The tracking system monitors the instantaneous location and movements of personnel, enabling emergency situations to be detected quickly.

Emergency Response: In case of accidents or emergencies that may occur in mines, the location information of the personnel is quickly determined and the response teams are directed to the right places.

Productivity: The tracking system can be used to monitor staff working time and productivity levels. This optimizes work processes and increases productivity.

Occupational Health and Safety: Occupational health and safety is very important in mines. The tracking system ensures that personnel act in accordance with occupational health and safety policies and keeps track of necessary trainings.

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