Teknopalas, one of the most important players in the sector in the field of IoT technologies, announced that it has started cooperation with Augelab Technology, a leader in image processing technologies, as an authorized distributor in multiple markets. This agreement will cover the markets of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Uzbekistan, bringing a new dimension to technology solutions in the region.

Teknopalas has implemented hundreds of successful projects on IoT technologies in the EMEA region since 2005 and has been at the forefront of technology transformation in the region. Augelab, on the other hand, is a technology company known for its innovations in image processing technologies and offers versatile solutions that can be used in different sectors such as industry, healthcare, retail, ports and warehouses. In particular, Augelab’s no-code platform paves the way for using image processing technologies without the need for coding skills.


Augelab’s plug-in infrastructure allows freelance developers and businesses to develop customized image processing solutions by purchasing an Augelab framework license. This system mainly enables image processing technology to reach more people. This is seen as a step that will fundamentally change the industry.

Teknopalas Launches Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Augelab in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Uzbekistan Markets

With the cooperation agreement between Teknopalas and Augelab, Teknopalas will serve as an authorized distributor in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Uzbekistan markets. With over 20 years of experience, Teknopalas aims to further enhance the region’s technology landscape by introducing Augelab’s state-of-the-art solutions to these markets.

As a result, this collaboration symbolizes a new era for the technology industry across multiple markets. The companies aim to increase efficiency, foster innovation and strengthen competitiveness by offering state-of-the-art image processing solutions to businesses and organizations.

Speaking about this important collaboration, Fahrettin Oylum from Teknopalas said, “As Teknopalas, we are proud to start this new era by joining forces with Augelab. We have also reiterated our commitment to continue providing world-class solutions to our customers.”


Yunus Emre Çelik from Augelab said, “We look forward to the potential opportunities of this collaboration in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Uzbekistan. Combined with Teknopalas’ experience, we aim to transform technology solutions in the region.”

This collaboration brings a new perspective to technology solutions in multiple markets by combining the expertise of two leading companies. Teknopalas and Augelab remain committed to fostering innovation, delivering cutting-edge solutions and further advancing the technology ecosystem in these markets.

For more information about Teknopalas and Augelab in general, please visit https://www.teknopalas.com.tr and https://www.augelab.com.