VIPAS RTLS Personnel Tracking System Purpose


You can access information such as the location of the personnel, all personnel in the location, the last personnel to leave the location, etc. from Vipas RTLS Personnel Tracking System. The signals emitted by the active chip placed on the personnel card are transmitted to the center by the readers placed in the control centers. Data retention rate is high compared to passive RFID. Thanks to the high transmission speed of the information, the information in the status monitoring system can be updated quickly. Thus, security or safety problems are prevented. Thanks to the map module designed in the program, all regions will be under your control with a single button.

VIPAS RTLS Personnel Tracking System General Features


Thanks to the system, fast passage is made without the need for procedures such as showing and reading cards at the created access points. Entry and exit information is obtained instantly. In this high-reliability system, information is sent to the authorities in case of any emergency. The real-time location of a personnel is monitored on the screen. The efficiency of the personnel is measured with man/hour based reports.

In emergencies, information is sent instantly to the authorities.

The system has a flexible structure that allows the creation of mobile and fixed reading points.
The system is compatible with IPHONE, IPAD, mobile devices with Android 4.0 and Windows operating systems. The sketch of the companies can be uploaded to the system and real-time information based on person or location can be easily accessed thanks to the map module in the system.