The most important factor in cold chain logistics is to maintain the appropriate temperature range required for the products. In order to achieve this, the temperature factor needs to be tracked and monitored. Thanks to the Smart Cold Chain Tracking System developed by Teknopalas, it is possible to instantly track both food, medicine, blood products, medical supplies and perishable goods during shipment or in the storage environment.

How Does a Smart Cold Chain Tracking System Work?

– Active RFID tags are affixed on products in cold storage or refrigerated vehicles or placed inside product boxes.

– These labels, which contain temperature sensors, measure the temperature of the products at regular intervals and store these temperature records in the label memory.

– Gateway devices that can be connected to the internet communicate with the tags and transfer the data in the tag memory to the cloud environment. In this way, products can be monitored 24/7 from anywhere.

– There are two different warning lights on the label, red and green.

– By checking the warning light on the label at the destination, the protection status of the cold chain can be easily determined visually.

– If the temperature value of the products is within the desired range, the green light on the label will flash and it will be understood that the cold chain is protected. If the temperature of the products is outside the desired range for more than 60 minutes, the red light will be on. In this case, it will be understood that the temperature records should be examined in more detail in case the cold chain of the products is broken.

Benefits of an Intelligent Cold Chain Tracking System


Aktif etiketlerle soğuk zincirin korunup korunmadığı anlaşılabilir. Bu sayede bozuk ilaç kullanımı ve gıda tüketiminin önüne geçilebilir.

Takip ve İzleme:

Soğuk depolarda saklanan veya hareket halinde bulunan ürünler anlık olarak izlenip takibi yapılabilir. Müdahale edilmesi gereken durumlar anlık olarak izlenebileceğinden hızlıca aksiyon alınarak ürünlerin zarar görmesi engellenebilir.


Etiket hafızasındaki ölçüm kayıtları ile ürünün nakliye süresince maruz kaldığı sıcaklıklar, hangi tarih ve saatte ne kadar süre ile istenmeyen sıcaklıklara maruz kaldığı gibi bilgiler Excel/PDF formatında rapor olarak alınabilir.

Easy Accessibility:

The system is easily accessible from computers, tablets or smartphones.


All stakeholders can be informed about the processes.

Accountability and Liability:

Thanks to the records on the labels, times and responsible parties can be identified that may cause the cold chain to deteriorate during transportation or storage.

Fast Counting:

Working conditions are very difficult in cold storage due to low temperatures. Products, each tagged with unique IDs, can be easily and quickly counted and made ready for shipment from a distance with RFID readers. Thus, employees spend a minimum amount of time in these cold environments.


– High precision temperature monitoring: ±0.1°C

– Long working time: more than 5 years

– Flexible measurement intervals: You can set how often the sensor measures the environment. – Ability to operate in a temperature range of -5 °C to +8 °C.

– Visual warning lights: Red/Green

– Battery duration: Approx. 6 months

– Data Security: The measurement data inside the device cannot be changed.

– Shelf life warning: Red warning light when the shelf life of the product has expired.

– Max/Min Temperature Feature: Highest and lowest temperature display during the day

– Reporting: Temperature records are available in Excel/Pdf format. – Average kinetic temperature information – Fast data collection


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